Monday letters: San Jac, payday advances, Target

Monday letters: San Jac, payday advances, Target

I simply wish to show my admiration when it comes to visual that starred in the Outlook area on June 22 (“The San Jacinto River: In Peril” (Page B15).

I think that lots of Houstonians have no idea much about their surrounding environment, man-made and natural, and I also understand numerous natives that would have because trouble that is much the very first Ward for a map as they would the San Jacinto River. I’m grateful to visit a part focused on our ecological woes.

In addition, i will be a big fan associated with the artwork while the usage of a cartoon being a medium for describing the problem. My generation had been weened on infographics and seeing a well-researched and succinct graphic description of Houston problems is just a sight that is rare.

Kudos to Nick Anderson, and also as a millennial, this type of clear-headed media that are houston-centric one thing I would personally purchase.

Nick Panzarella, Houston

Ban them forever

Regarding “New loan that is payday draw fire” ( web Page A1, Wednesday), kudos towards the city of Houston for breaking straight straight down in the payday/title loan providers. Read more