In general, the island of Mabul is located some 30-45 minutes by fast passenger boats from the coastal town of Semporna, which is the main jumping-off point for the many islands in Tun Sakaran Marine Park consisting of a number of beautiful and untouched islands in the eastern coast of Sabah. The town of Semporna is accessible by a 100-kilometre land transfer from the Tawau airport, which is served with daily flights by both Malaysia Airlines (MH) and AirAsia (AK) from Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur.

Theoretically, the whole island is surrounded by numerous sandy beaches, but do avoid the areas which are inhabited by the local villagers as their vigorous daily activities make the waters are less enticing for a dip.

As you are approaching from Semporna by boat, you will see is the floating chalets that make up Sipadan Water Village, which beach has crystal clear waters and superbly fine white sands. Walking from Sipadan Water Village inland will bring you to another beach fronting the Sipadan-Mabul Resort (SMART) which is less beautiful.

Tall palm trees, breezy sunny day and superbly clear waters really make the beach a perfect spot for swimming, sunbathing and lazing. Even the waters under the floating chalets of Sipadan Water Village are crystal clear!

The beach is probably one of the best you have ever seen. Images of idyllic South Pacific islands will immediately conjure up to your mind just as you step foot on the beach. Truly, the beach is not far from being perfect, and photographs that you take on the beach should bear some testaments of the fantastic island experience that you have had here.

You can also watch the local inhabitants of Bajau Laut (Sea Gypsy) tribe going about their daily business, such as fishing, boat repairing, home building, etc. I had the chance to capture some snapshots of local children happily paddling in the water while gesturing a fitting pose for my camera.

Simply a good place to blow off steam after a long day diving in the rough waters of Sipadan.