This beautiful beach is located some 20 minutes from Pangkor main jetty. Taxi van ride will cost your about RM10-RM15 per van. From Pangkor Island Beach Resort, the journey takes about 10 minutes.

I find that Nipah Bay to be the cleanest beach in Pangkor. Pasir Bogak might be the most famous stretch of beach but it is crowded and can be murky.

The waters around Nipah Bay are fairly clear. Although I do feel that Golden Sands Beach offers more privacy due its more secluded location.

Some 20 minutes of kayaking shall bring you to the smaller islands of Giam and Mentagor fronting the beach. Giam Island also has a decent beach for picnicking and relaxing. There are plenty of food stalls by the beach in Nipah Bay, hence finding something to eat should not be a problem.

There are plenty lodging choices here as the beach is quite popular among tourists.