Located northernmost of precinct of Tioman, it took more than 1 hour fast-boat ride to get to this beautiful beach from Mersing jetty. The boats from Mersing will make various stops along the western shores of Tioman before making the final stop at Salang Village. If you take the larger passenger boat which moves much slower, it can take up to 2 hours from Mersing. The choice is yours.

In general, the boat journey from Mersing will take on these village jetties before terminating at Salang Village: Mersing – Genting – Paya – Tekek – Air Batang – Salang.

To me, Salang Village has one of the nicest beaches in Pulau Tioman, apart from Pasir Panjang Beach at Tulai Island. Even prior to arriving at the jetty, the journey takes across brilliantly turquoise blue water of the sea channel. Just as you land, you will be amazed on the colour and clarity of the beach.

The left side of the beach is excellent for swimming, sun-bathing and even snorkeling. Do avoid the rocky and sludgy beach mostly on the right-side though. I had the chance to snorkel at Salang Reef South which is basically fronting the white sandy area. I thought the snorkeling was excellent. Apart from that, I did two dives here: one was at Salang Wreck located somewhere in the middle of the bay, and Salang Reef North amidst the rocky coast. In short, when it comes to adventure for underwater lovers, Salang is a good place to be.

Salang is also a great place to experience almost true-to-form Malay kampong life. The resorts are built in traditional architecture, with small alleys that connect to each other. At night, the beach becomes alive and kicking with music and jostling crowd going out for dinner or drink. There are quite a number of food stalls serving local and international fanfares throughout the village, some offering really intimate seating arrangement right by the shoreline.

On the southern end of the village, there is also a small climbing track which will provide a good vista of the beautiful bay as well as the towering hills of northern Tioman.

In short, one could not be bored here. There are plenty of things to do and see. It comes to no surprise that Salang is also a popular beach destination for most tourists that come to Pulau Tioman.