Pulau Mamutik is located off the coast of downtown Kota Kinabalu. From Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, a mere 2-minute drive or 10-minute walk will bring you to the jetty at Jesselton Point (formerly Sabah Port Authority ferry terminal) from which tour boats are available for hire to get to the island.

There are a number of tour operators here that will bring you to Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (which consists of the islands of Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sulug and Pulau Mamutik). The rental is charged per boat, which can range anywhere between RM100 and RM200. One boat can fit 4-6 people. A short 30-minute breezy boat ride will bring you here.

In the constellation of five islands in the gazetted Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Pulau Mamutik is the second furthest island. Until recently, Pulau Mamutik is often regarded as an off-the-beaten-track island as the lack of tourist facilities had made it less popular as compared to the often filled-to-the-brim beaches on Pulau Sapi and Pulau Manukan.

To my great surprise, things have changed rather significantly on Pulau Mamutik, although I could not vouch it is for the better or worse. Arriving at the boat jetty at Pulau Mamutik give me a sense of déjà vu as everything looks uncanningly similar to the setup on Pulau Sapi. Resting pavilions, bathrooms, gift shops and a small café have made their presence on the island, along with the crowds, albeit not as many as in Pulau Sapi. Perhaps the tour operators based in Kota Kinabalu have somehow managed to divert some traffic that often head to the usual suspects, namely Pulau Sapi and Pulau Manukan, to Pulau Mamutik. The look is all too familiar, with tens of BBQ tables and spreads have become a common feature on the beach.

In all honesty, the beach is not comparable to Pulau Sapi in terms of water clarity. Pulau Sapi arguably still has the best beach out of the five islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Nonetheless, the beach at Pulau Mamutik is good enough with various sections of sandy spots are available for sunbathing and relaxing. The landscaping in the common area is good, with adequate foliage and casuarina trees creating a typical island scene. The food and beverage prices are surprisingly not that exorbitant, hence you do not really have to pack your lunch boxes from Kota Kinabalu for a decent picnic on Pulau Mamutik.