Pulau Rawa (not to be mistaken by the one in Johor) is only accessible by snorkeling and diving boats, a 30-minute journey from either Perhentian Besar (Big Island) or Perhentian Kecil (Small Island).

There are no resorts here, hence the water clarity is probably one of the best in Perhentian. Nonetheless, the beach still attracts a hive of activities since most snorkeling day trips will include this island.

The beach is downright beautiful. Crystal-clear water, azure blue ocean, and soft powdery sands are the given attributes that make this beach one of the best within the Perhentian archipelago.

Anyway, the beach is quite small to actually cater for the arriving tourist boats. Nonetheless, I did notice that the beach was far from crowded because most of the visitors will spend the bulk of the time snorkeling in the clear waters surrounding it.

The beach also has some decent snorkeling that can be done by swimming along the rocky outcrops.