The beach of Teluk Air Tawar is located to west of the island of Pulau Tenggol. All passenger boats departing from Kuala Dungun will disembark off the beach. There are three resorts fronting this long stretch of white sandy beach, namely Tenggol Aqua Resort, Tenggol Island Beach Resort and Tenggol Resort.

Suffice to say that everyone on our boat arriving from Kuala Dungun was awestruck with the crystal-clear waters of Teluk Air Tawar. As the afternoon sun shone through the azure-blue ocean, the water was glittering with dazzling hues synonymous with an island adequate enough to be called a tropical paradise.

The northern section of Teluk Air Tawar is particularly excellent for swimming due to non-existence of sharp rocks or corals. This long stretch of shallow and crystal-clear water truly reminded me of Teluk Dalam beach in Pulau Redang. The water was so inviting that I found myself dipping and lap-swimming on the beach for close to two hours. As it was during a school holiday, the beach was filled with screaming children (and adults) who seemed to be entirely enjoying the offering.

The beach section fronting Tenggol Aqua Resort is equipped with numerous sunning chairs overlooking the turquoise-blue ocean. It is not uncommon to see the good ones are taken by the patrons looking to find peace and solace by the beach. The sands are powdery soft, which is another appealing attribute of Teluk Air Tawar.

As Teluk Air Tawar is facing west, beautiful sunset can be enjoyed every evening. During my visit, the sunset colours were acceptably good although I had to admit the view could have been more spectacular with the right set up. The nights at Teluk Air Tawar can best be described as dead and peaceful, in a stark contrast to the likes of Long Beach in Pulau Perhentian or Pasir Panjang in Pulau Redang. Perhaps this explains a little bit on the type of crowds who flock to Pulau Tenggol. There are certainly no backpackers of the yuppie type here as the island itself tends to distinguish itself to be more engaging for those seeking quiet times and untouched dive sites.