Batu Kembar is located about five minutes to the southwest of Atlantis Bay Resort at Teluk Ba’ai, which can be accessed by the elevated walking platforms. Walking distance from the main fishing village at Teluk Berhala is about 15-20 minutes.

I was fascinated by the beach at Batu Kembar the moment I set foot here. Crystal-clear waters, turquoise-blue ocean views and white sands are the main features of Batu Kembar.

The name “Batu Kembar” or “Twin Rocks” denotes the existence of two somewhat identical boulder rocks. Where are they actually? I initially thought they were perched on the hill slopes overlooking the beach. A few minutes of careful gaze bore no results. I simply could not locate any two rocks that closely resemble each other. It turns out that there are two supposedly identical rocks right under the open-air platform at the adjoining Diver’s Lodge. On closer inspection, they do not look identical at all, but if indeed the name of the beach (and the village) originates from these two so-called twin brothers, then so be it.

What makes the beach perfect for sun-worshippers, apart from the powdery-soft sands, is the non-existence of any stony corals, underwater debris or sharp rocks. While the whole beach area is not entirely wide and long, it is good enough to become your own private and natural swimming pool for all day long.

During my lazing time by the beach, I noticed a windsurfer was negotiating along the sea channel that separates Pulau Aur and Pulau Dayang. Quite a rare sight because many islands in Malaysia are not known for wind surfing or such activity is prohibited by the marine park authority, just as the case with jet-skiing and water scooters.

Overall, this is a fabulous beach for the sun, sea and surf!